Justin Blackburn is a dear friend and a hilarious comic, outstanding poet/writer, and a generally spectacular human being. This is a silly video of him improvising that continues to make me laugh. Check him out.

Death on the brain. How often do you think about it? Multi-daily, myself. This is part of why I love to sleep, laugh, dance, have sex, etc., because these activities deter my mind from the eternally forming tornado that is mortality salience.

Odd phrase—I came across it in college for a class on death & dying taught by John Wood. It was part of an article on terror management theory, which poses that humans struggle with the conflict between a desire to live and the inevitability of death (mortality salience), which results in terror. The theory also proposes that humans create/use culture to deal with this fear of death.

Which makes me wonder, how do people in my life who were not brought up with religious practices cope with death, be it that of their loved ones and/or their awareness of their own impending end? The lack of rituals I think may have something to do with my personal dysfunctionality in dealing with death.

I guess part of why I’m writing is not purely self-indulgence but just to transcribe a sliver of what it is/was like being me in 2014. Today I was melancholy, missing my friend who passed 4 years ago yesterday. He was fiercely loving, unapologetically brilliant, eternally musical, timelessly goofy, utterly beautiful. I’m continuing to learn about life and love in his memory and it hurts to miss someone this much but I do truly feel blessed to have ever known such a creature.